Basic Tips on How to Apply for UN Jobs in Ethiopia

un jobs in ethiopia

In this short article, we are going to briefly discuss the topic of UN jobs in Ethiopia. Please, note that this article does not contain all the necessary info, but only some common aspects. So, you should study this topic further in detail.

Key Goals of the UN in Ethiopia

At the official website of the UN we can get acquainted with the essential objectives of the UN in Ethiopia. The United Nations works in the following directions:

  • Good health and well-being;
  • No famine;
  • No poverty;
  • Quality education;
  • Clean water and sanitation;
  • Gender equality;
  • Reduction of inequalities;
  • Sustainable, environmentally-friendly cities and communities;
  • Infrastructure, industry, innovation;
  • Descent work, quality employment, economic progress;
  • Responsible and reasonable production and consumption;
  • Clean and affordable energy;
  • Climate action;
  • Protection of life below water, life on land;
  • Justice, peace, strong and effective institutions;
  • Partnerships for purposes;
  • Etc.

How to Apply for UN Jobs

If a person would like to find a way how to apply for a UN job, it can be done on the official website of this organization. There are special pages devoted to careers. Here you can read about the global workforce, the employees` working experience. Besides, you can find useful information regarding career support, pay and benefits, career paths, staff categories, etc.

The candidate can visit the page with the job openings and start searching for a suitable vacancy. If necessary, the job openings can be sorted for convenience. There is a lot of useful information about the application process as well as the guidelines for creating the job application.  Moreover, you can find lots of valuable tips for the job interview; the applicant`s guide is provided in various languages.

un jobs in ethiopia

UN Job Openings in Ethiopia

On the official UN careers portal you can find the necessary duty station, department/office, job family, job network, and so on. In our case, we are looking for a job in Ethiopia. So, let us look at one of the UN vacancies in Addis Ababa.

The job code title is Chief Finance Officer. When we click at a particular job opening, we can observe the necessary information. Pay attention to the posting period. There is a substantial and very informative description of the job.

To apply for the job opening on this official website, the candidate should create an account. If he/she has already got an account, it is possible to login by writing the user ID and password.

If you would like to get UN Jobs in Ethiopia, you can start your application process and thoroughly study this topic. This article only contains a brief overview of some points connected with UN jobs.

Visit the official website and there you can find plenty of helpful information and useful recommendations. If you can`t find some answers to your questions, you can contact the organization. It is also possible to join the UN on social networking sites.

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