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Having a meaningful job that brings benefit to you and other people is what a majority of ambitious professionals dream about. Yet, not all of them are determined enough to take one of the biggest challenges – to apply for a job in the UN.

However, the organization requires thousands of both highly qualified professionals and people that just have started their careers. That’s why besides official vacancies, the UN offers internship, volunteering, and the Young Professionals Program. Thus, all persistent and talented people can find a way to contribute to the organization.

Yet, if you have decided to get employed in the UN, follow the guide below.

1. Check the vacancies on is an official UN website for employment; there you can find available vacancies and take all the necessary steps to apply for a job. First of all, filter down the openings by choosing appropriate information form the offered options in each raw. Then, click “Search.” If there are no options, try to expand the search.

2. Choose the desired position

Each vacancy has a detailed description of the job including the requirements for the candidates. As a rule, every applicant needs to have a university degree (preferable Master’s degree; however, a lower education level can be compensated with work experience), fluency in English or French, and a work experience starting from 2 years. Of course, different positions may need other qualifications, as well.

3. Register on

To apply for the desired position, you need to have a profile, where you can indicate general information and write a cover letter. Yet, it is not enough to claim a job. Each vacancy requires candidates to fill in a job application answering specific questions about skills and works experience.

4. Submit the application

It is not allowed to attach a resume; all necessary data is to be provided directly on the website. If some additional documents are needed, you’ll be notified about it.

Add the job to the application. After that, you will receive a list of questions that helps to estimate your qualification. After submitting the answer, it won’t be allowed to change the answers or withdraw your candidacy. 

5. Get further instructions

The organization will send a response in any case. All the selected applicants will be offered to pass the test to prove that their skills and knowledge meet the requirements for the position. The candidates who for some reason haven’t passed the pre-selection will be also informed about it. After the test is successfully passed, the UN representatives will contact you and invite you to a job interview, which can occur either online or in person.

Don’t despair if you haven’t succeeded from the first time. There’s a high competition for the UN vacancies, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get a job offer the next time. Subscribe for email notifications, track new openings, and update your profile ones your skills grow. Patience and professionalisms are your best assets when applying for a job in the UN.

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