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save the children jobs

In this article we are going to briefly discuss the topic of Save the Children Jobs. Please, notice that this article does not contain exhaustive information on this matter, there are only some aspects here. So, you should study this topic further in detail.

Basic Info

The core mission of this organization is to save the children`s lives, protect their rights, help to fulfill the children`s potential. The number of employees is about 25 000. This is an international organization that works in about 120 countries. There are various career opportunities for professionals in a range of areas. The focus and the global strategy of Save the Children are directed to the contribution to the children`s well-being. Save the Children was established in 1919. So, it has already had the 100th anniversary.

Career Opportunities

On the official website you can see the job offers, read about the reward approach, how Save the Children supports the employees` learning and development, etc. You can also find the frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If a person would like to apply for a suitable job, he/she can also visit the websites of the Member organizations and the Country Offices.

save the children jobs

How to Apply for Save the Children Jobs

On the official website the applicant can find the pages devoted to job search. If necessary, the vacancies can be sorted for the convenience. The job openings contain necessary information; you can also download a file with the job description. Carefully study all the information and pay attention to the deadline.

If a person is ready to apply, he/she can press the button “Apply Now”. Then there is a special form to fill in. If an applicant has not already been registered, it is necessary to create an account and login. The candidate may apply using his/her profile data from LinkedIn, too.

You can see special webpages for job search with lots of options as well as the availability of sorting. You can choose the appropriate job openings according to the next parameters:

  • Posting date
  • Location
  • Job family
  • Employee status
  • Job type
  • Job schedule

Moreover, after registration, the candidate will have his/her job page. There are options to apply online or, for example, add the vacancies into a job basket.

If you can`t find the answers to your questions, you can contact the organization. You can also join Save the Children on social networking sites. On the official website you can find global news, stories on different matters. If you would like to work at Save the Children, you should visit the official website and there you can read useful information, including the guidelines for applying. The applicants should thoroughly study this topic, as this guide contains only a brief overview of some aspects connected with Save the Children jobs.

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