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world bank jobs

In this article we are going to briefly discuss the topic of World Bank jobs. Please, pay attention that this guide does not include all the necessary information on this matter; it is only for a general overview. So, you should study this topic further in detail.

General Info about the World Bank Group

The key mission of this organization is to significantly reduce poverty, namely, end the extreme poverty, and promote shared prosperity. There are lots of projects that are aimed at this common goal.

So, the World Bank Group strives for:

  • Ending the extreme poverty
  • Increasing shared prosperity

5 institutions in World Bank Group work on increasing the shared prosperity, reducing poverty, providing sustainable development.

World Bank Group partners with the governments as well as the private sector. The common focus is on building shared prosperity in developing countries.

On the official website of the World Bank you can read about the results and effectiveness of the projects, study the annual report, learn about the regional perspectives, and much more.

If you would like to work with the World Bank, you should visit the official website of this organization. There is a special section “Work With Us” where there is information for the job seekers, partners, investors, learners, etc. You can read about the employees` working experience, too.

world bank jobs

How to Apply for World Bank Jobs

There are pages devoted to the careers, for example, the programs and internships, current job openings. Let us now look at some job openings. This is a combined list of the job vacancies that are available at the WBG (World Bank Group). If it is necessary, you can sort the vacancies for reasons of convenience.

Please, pay attention to the closing date of the job opening. If you open a particular vacancy, there is a substantive and informative description of the job post, the selection criteria, and so on.

If you have chosen a suitable job opening, you may click to apply now. There will be the information and the application form provided by the World Bank Group Career Center. The candidates can find several recommendations for applying on the official website.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to register and inform about your career interest, for instance, when you can`t find the appropriate current job opening. There is a form where the candidate should provide some personal info as well as download his/her resume. You can also create your profile.

Please, note that this article only contains a brief overview of general understanding; it does not include all the necessary points. Of course, if you are interested in working with the World Bank, be sure to visit the official website. So that you can find helpful guidelines for the application process. If you have not found the answers to your questions, you can contact this organization. There is also an opportunity to join the World Bank on social networking sites.

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