UN job New York. What you need to get it

No doubt, New York is the most influential city for the United Nations because the organization has its’ headquarters there. Therefore, UN job candidates can find many job openings in NY City. Yet, given that the UN is an international organization and often needs helps in various corners of the World, what is the chance that you would be able to get UN job New York without a need to relocate?

Who can work for the UN in New York

The United Nations have different job categories. Work responsibilities define whether there is a need to go to other countries or if you can have a local job without any business trips. As a rule, two employment groups may require relocation – Professional Category and Field Services. Employees of general services and National Professional Officers are recruited locally and usually don’t face the necessity to work abroad.

Professional and higher categories

UN recruits professionals globally, and since such employees are difficult to replace, their jobs are associated with business trips; some positions may require relocation. Thus, if you apply for a post from a higher category, it would be perfect to be flexible when it comes to travels.

Field services

As it may be obvious from the name of the category, field services staff usually goes on duty travels. The organization emphasizes that the applicants have to be healthy, ready to work in stressful conditions, and prepared to go for a mission at short notice. That’s why if you don’t plan to leave New York because of job needs, avoid field services vacancies.

General services

The staff for general services is hired locally, which determines the job obligations and salary. As a rule, there are many vacant positions from this category in New York, and if you are not ready to go on duty travels, these vacancies are just right for you. The working conditions meet the advanced companies’ standards; the UN also keeps salaries in this category at a competitive level.

National Professional Officers

National Professional Officers need to be the same highly qualified as employees from the Professional category and to perform the tasks that require high responsibility level. The difference between these two groups is that National Professional Officers are hired locally; they are to be nationals of the country where they work. Thus, such an option would be perfect for specialists that do not want to leave New York. Yet, unfortunately, these vacancies are rather rare. 

How to apply for UN job New York?

  1. Go to career.un.org and find the “Search Job Openings” form with the filters.
  2. Set up the necessary filters on qualification and choose “New York” in the field for duty station. Then, click “Search”.
  3. Check the vacancies (you will be able to switch between the categories at the top of the table).
  4. Go to inspira.un.org and create a profile and a job application for the chosen vacancy.
  5. Return to the job opening and click “Apply.”

Later, you’ll get notifications and further instructions via email. Good luck! 

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